Perception  +  Sensation   +   Emotion     =    Emotional Anatomy

Sensation-Emotion: There are highly developed technologies that result in the extension of our senses. They are part of the so called ROYAL ROAD TO EMOTION RECOGNITION, that is, sensors that detect bodily changes (biofeedback)associated with emotional reaction. Each sense possesses its own intelligence through its receptors; and thus provides a highly sensitive interface for non-verbal communication. All of those sources do yield information, but critically, all of them are limited to our perception.

Perception-Emotion: Nobody has yet identified a unifying kernel around which all that is known about emotion can be organized in a coherent and satisfying way. To explore such challenge the project carried research aimed at laying foundations for the information and knowledge we already have, but are aspersed in different platforms around us that we cannot easily understand and use it effectively.

Emotional Anatomy will adjust to experience a new approach where we can reconsider what is already there, and then people can enjoy this information with new appreciation. The convergence created by EA will allow a direct access and meaningful navigation through it, by focusing on the phenomena of emotion – as visualized experience, turned into the landscape of the “mirror”.