We live in one of the greatest periods of Invention – the extended spectrums of communication, when technological advances create new sources of evidence and potential to answer even fairytale questions such as:

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the most beautiful of all?

Question: If emotions were visible, how would they look like?

Answer: An augmented sensory system, playing the role of an “emotional mirror” in the form of a smart digital mirror with embedded gyroscopic (device) tool for navigation. An instrument that allows a person to achieve recognition of his sensory pattern, on a scale unprecedented in science and art common history. It is formed by straightforward application of highly developed techniques of signal processing, i.e. Signals to Signs (from biofeedback information to visual cues) that have the potential to converge already existing instruments for perception and sensation recognition.

Emotional Anatomy creates an interactive platform, designed to read and translate emotional processes with three main functions:
• to improve the self-awareness about personal ongoing processes by visualizing them through reflection.(based on vibration theory, biofeedback, emotion oriented systems etc.)
• to provide feedback to emotion theories by complimenting the existing analytic studies (such as psychology and cognitive neuroscience, etc.) and scientific studies (such as mirrored neurons, molecules of emotion, etc.)
• Perfection of Perception